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Your music is my passion in digital marketing

Welcome to the digital marketing underground for the dark scene of synth pop, dark wave and gothic! Here at Ultraschwarz, I’m not only an expert in the art of online marketing, but I also breathe and live the dark sounds and aesthetic vibes of these musical subcultures.

Do you have another passion? I'm in.

In addition to music, my heart also beats for what makes the scene what it is: an epicentre of art, culture and craftsmanship. That’s why my services are also available to you if you are a fashion brand, music label or promoter, or if you run an online shop. As long as it’s black!

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Ground control to Major Tom

My mission? I help artists, bands, labels, promoters and music industry insiders to bring their unique creativity into the digital world and present it in the best possible way. With my services, such as website development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other online marketing solutions, I help you to focus on your actual work and still be successful online.

What makes me stand out from the crowd? I’m just as much a part of the scene as you are! This means that I not only understand your vision, but also live it myself and can turn it into digital reality. And in a way that perfectly matches your unique style.

By the way ...

It has been 1 Year, 1 Month and 27 Days since Depeche Mode released their last album "Memento Mori".

You are our focus

Let’s talk about you and your musical journey/vision. How can I help you bring your dark art to the world? Discover my services now and let’s rock the stage together for your digital presence.

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Sympathy is an important factor in a business relationship. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an “everybody’s darling” type or have won a “popularity contest”.

However, it is extremely important to me that the chemistry is right and that we are on the same frequency. You probably feel the same way. That’s why we’ll get to know each other personally in an online meeting before the project starts.

I’m already looking forward to experiencing you and your vision.

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10 reasons to have your own website in the music business

1. Complete creative control

In contrast to social media, where the design and format are severely restricted, a dedicated website allows complete freedom in the design and presentation of the brand or artistic image.

2. Central contact point for fans and business partners

A website serves as an official platform where fans, organisers and business partners can find all relevant information – from tour dates to contact information.

3. Direct sources of income

Musicians, labels and online shops can sell music, merchandise and tickets directly via their own website without having to pay high fees to third-party providers.

4. Independence from social media algorithms

Visibility on social media platforms depends heavily on their algorithms. Your own website is independent of this and can be made findable through targeted SEO activities.

5. Professional image

Having your own website portrays a more professional image than a purely social media presence. This can be particularly important for gaining the trust of customers, approaching business partners and booking appearances.

6. Own data and analyses

By owning a website, musicians and promoters can get direct access to detailed analyses about their visitors, which can be valuable for planning tours and releases.

7. Better fan loyalty

With functions such as newsletters or exclusive areas on the website, artists, labels and online shops can build a stronger bond with their fans.

8. Long-term archiving

While content on social media quickly disappears in the newsfeed, a website offers the opportunity to archive important content in a long-term and clearly organised manner.

9. More autonomy

Having your own website reduces your dependence on the business models and terms of use of social media. This can mean more security and stability for your own business in the long term.

10. Integration of third-party tools

Websites allow the integration of specialised tools for ticket sales, fan communities, streaming services, event calendars and much more, which is often not possible on social media platforms.